How does the idea of watching films on your mobile phone grab you? Is this where the future lies, watching a film on the train, in the back of a car, in the shower? Is the sound good enough, is the picture big and clear enough?

OK we have grown to accept that a film lasts an hour, 90 minutes, two hours but there is no law of nature that states this. Perhaps we will be watching shorter productions in the future that are designed by top Hollywood producers but which are short enough to download onto your phone? Watch this example and decide for yourself.

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Across The Hall - The trailer

Films are changing all the time and the era of flickery, low budget productions of the early years has given way to the spectacular computer generated products, of today; each with their own modern messages. Here are a few examples of 21st Century films that, in our opinions, sum up the modern era.

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Films Which Portray the 21st Century as it Really is

The late 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century has been one of massive natural catastrophes, the end of an age of naivety, an indictment of the political system and the robotic nature of war. Perhaps future generations will have to do no more than spend a few nights watching quaint films from a bygone era to understand the sociology and mores of our times.

World culture and history is often encapsulated in cinema either as a straight out message, a subtle subtext or the defined by the perception of the viewer. These four films are not celebrated here for their accolades and awards, but rather for the snapshot of the late 20th and 21 centuries they preserve for generations to come. They are not the only ones, of course, but they deserve to be singled out.

   The Hurt Locker   An Inconvenient Truth   Bowling for Columbine   Avatar

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